The Tudor Pearl

Unique, handmade jewellery inspired by history.


Hello. I've been studying medieval and Tudor history for thirty years, and am the author of twenty-five books covering different aspects of women's lives. One of the areas I've really enjoyed is researching and writing about material culture: the food, the clothes, the houses, and especially the adornment worn by people in the past. I've also written about Victorian and Edwardian women, often at the vanguard of artistic style and bohemian living.  Since I was little, I enjoyed stringing beads, shells and other items to make my own jewellery, so I've created two unique ranges of my hand-made earrings inspired by the Tudors and Edwardians. And I'd like to share them with my readers. I hope you like them.

Treat yourself or someone special x

 Amy Licence.



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