Red Roses.


Red Roses.


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The Wars of the Roses were not just fought by men on the battlefield. Behind the scenes, there were daughters, wives, mistresses, mothers and queens whose lives and influences helped shape the most dramatic of English conflicts.

This book traces the story of women on the Lancastrian side, from the children borne by Blanche, wife of John of Gaunt, through the turbulent fifteenth century to the advent of Margaret Beaufort’s son in 1509 and the establishment of the Tudor dynasty. From the secret liaisons of Katherine Swynford and Catherine of Valois to the love lives of Mary de Bohun and Jacquetta of Luxembourg, to the queenship of Joan of Navarre and Margaret of Anjou, this book explores their experiences as women. What bound them to their cause? What real influence did they wield?

Faced with the dangers of treason and capture, defamation and childbirth, read how these extraordinary women survived in extraordinary times.

'Red Rose is a terrific "Who's who?" of the Lancastrian dynasty starting with John of Gaunt's three wives and finishing with the birth of the Tudors. Licence explores the lives of the women "behind the men," who were responsible for birthing the next generation of royals and their courts. She describes the alliances made through marriage, touching on the vast network of complicated relationships that would eventually end up in conflict over the throne. Each marriage is detailed, the lives and relationships of girls carrying he vast weight of their family responsibility on their shoulders. One wonders if they understood the impact of their influence as they navigated the treacherous shoals of politics, often having to choose sides between their husband and their parents. Licence brings history alive, managing to fill the outlines of people often relegated to the shadows. Filled with interesting details, this is readable as it is relatable history.' Author Carole P Roman.

'This is the first book I have read by Amy Licence and it will not be the last. Very informative and interesting, although I did, sometimes find it difficult to follow the old English texts. Thank goodness author's and historians are now researching to bring the women in our history out of the shadows cast by their men and giving them a voice to shout down through the mists of time. This book shows how strong these women were in their quiet way and shaped their dynasty. Most of the children of Edward III and Phillippa of Hainault and their children had very complex inter marriages. This book has made me look at Margaret of Anjou and Margaret Beaufort in a slightly more understanding light. Thank you for that. A most excellent read Miss. Licence.' Amazon review.

'A stunning new book on the women of the House Of Lancaster during this lengthy struggle in the mid fifteenth century. It introduces litlle known figures such as Blance of Gaunt and Mary De Bohun. As well as more well known personalities like Margaret of Anjou, Lady Margaret Beaufort and Jaquetta Woodville. The book examines this complicated dynastic struggle in all its guises and also explores the conflicting loyalties these women experienced in this convoluting war. A must read for those who are interested in both the Wars of the Roses and for those who wish to examine the different personalities of the differing women who supported the House of Lancaster at this time. Upcoming historian Amy Licence again shows her zest for History and for the personalities which tell this bloody and dramatic tale! A must for academics and lay readers alike! Definitely a five * read.' Amazon review.

'The most amazing thing about this book (and all Amy Licence's books, to be honest) is the fact she can make such in depth research of potentially dry facts interesting and the convoluted events of this time period clear. I loved the book, and was amazed at the wealth of information it contained.' Amazon review.