Long before Vermeer's iconic "Girl with the Pearl Earring," the Tudors loved to wear pearls. In their hair, on necklaces, on "owches" (brooches), sewn into their clothes, set in tiaras and hanging from their ears. No one loved pearls more than Elizabeth I, for whom they were represented purity, and virginity, status and wealth. Pearls became one of the Queen's personal symbols, perfectly complimenting her favourite colours of black and white, and the wealthy ladies and gentlemen of her court did their best to emulate her style. My Tudor-inspired earrings are not as expensive as those to which Elizabeth's courtiers aspired. They're designed and handmade by me, based on surviving portraits, and available in a range of styles. There are also a couple of others, inspired by medieval and Tudor iconography and the Sixteenth Century world.

All the items in the Tudor collection can be replicated.

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Henry VIII


Henry VIII


Customise your own crown, in this Tudor-inspired little beauty. Choose red, yellow or brown bead, or silver or gold hooks. Hang the Tudor crown from your ears.

A tribute to the cool, elegant beauty of Elizabeth Woodville; three pearls of varying sizes, one carved to represent the white rose of York.

The ultimate Tudor gift. A pearl bracelet with strong magnetic clasp, featuring six hanging charms; a silver heart, silver crown, Boleyn B, silver rose, cross and rose, and a pilgrim's shell and pearl, plus a silver pomander, a red rose, a white rose, red crackle bead, grey pearl and large pearl. A beautiful statement of your love for the Tudor era.

Choose your favourite combination from these three delicious earrings featuring roses, silver hearts, deep red crackle glass and green leaves.

My take on the famous Anne Boleyn "B" necklace: a string of creamy 4mm pearls flanking a silver B, linked by a barrel clasp. Elegant, classy but restrained. Channel your inner Anne with this unique, handmade piece, only available while stocks last.

Inspired by portraits of Elizabeth I, but worn by many of her courtiers, the Classic Pearl has a long, elegant shape and a hint of warmth. Understated but regal.

Large, round and beautiful, swelling with abundance and wealth. Tudor courtiers, sell your family estates to buy a pair to wear at court!

For those of you who like understated elegance.





A delicate little earring celebrating the medieval Catholic pilgrimage. The cockle shell was the symbol of the northern Spanish Camino de Santiago, the route of St James, where modern pilgrims still find the symbol today.

My new favourites. I love the combination of icy cold blue and the warm red heart. A bit Tudor, a bit 1950s chic, these beauties will compliment many different looks.





The Tudors used pomanders as a scented ball to keep bad odours and illness at bay. This earring echoes the silver and gold versions, with a hint of orange for those that were stuck with cloves, still made at Christmas. They were hollow, stuffed with herbs and spices and named for pommes d'or, apples of gold.

After writing Catherine's biography, I wanted to create an earring to reflect her heritage, regality and faith. Here, the pearl sits atop a red, crackle bead, the colour of a pomegranate seed, Catherine's chosen emblem, and a silver cross set with a rose speaks of her Catholicism and the Tudor dynasty.

The iconic "B" with a different take. A small silver heart, a deep red bead for passion, the elegant pearl and the silver initial B for Boleyn. A stunning tribute, a clear statement of devotion and a conversation starter for all Anne fans.

Anne Boleyn's favourite palace, which she helped Henry develop in the 1530s. Black for her her flashing dark eyes, a decorative silver pillar bead and the large grey pearl, colours echoing the chequered Whitehall gateway.

A large purple glass heart with a silver rose below for two of the most significant motifs of the Tudor ear: love and family.

Elegant, demure and waiting to shine, a silver heart, small drop pearl and tiny pearl holder: the Tudor princess.

Also available with gold hooks.

Resplendent in gold, the Tudor prince, with a little gold flower, a small drop pearl and tiny holding pearl. Small, simple, but full of potential!

Named for Elizabeth's favourite, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and featuring the acorn device his brother John carved into the wall of the Tower.

Mary Tudor


Mary Tudor


The ultimate Tudor beauty. Beautiful, regal and stately; a gold rose, three coloured beads: princess, queen and duchess, followed by tapering pearls.

Regal black embossed with gold and a pearl in the heart of a gold five-pointed flower, for the daughter Henry called his Pearl.

A delicate, understated elegance, which speaks of quiet glee: designed to celebrate the transition Anne made from Queen to royal sister. A gold rose, pearl, faceted peach glass bead and tiny bronze bead, to echo the colours of her portrait.

To celebrate the 500th anniversary of The Field of cloth of Gold, where Henry VIII met Francis I, this earring impresses with gold, red, pearl and feathers, for the ultimate Tudor show off!

Hand made to order, with or without feather and with a choice of coloured beads.

The archetypal Tudor queen, the beloved mother and heart of the dynasty.

A bronze bee, pearl and delicious drop of honey, metaphoric of the court of Elizabeth I. Inspired by the famous biography of that title by Edith Sitwell, which I found in my school library at the age of 13.

Relations with the papacy were definitive for Henry VIII. Ecclestiastical purple and the ultimate pearl, for the rollercoaster ride that saw Henry change from the Pope's ally to his harshest critic.

A silver heart and rose, for Henry's "rose without a thorn."

Red glass for blood and rubies, ornate black and gold columns reminiscent of palace towers and a round pearl, inspired by the most unforgettable Tudor fantasia of the unparalled Nonsuch, built in the 1540s.

A stunning bracelet matching the Nonsuch design. Tiny pearls, silver clasp, gold rose beads, black and gold intricate design and a central red glass crackle bead. 19.5cm long.


Buy the earrings and bracelet together for £20.

A tribute to our nine days' queen: a purple heart for her royal descent, a large silver-grey pearl for her family name, tapering down to two smaller pearls, for youth and innocence. Celebrate her short reign and remember her with these distinctive earrings.

Demure, restrained, but the triumphant mother of a son!

Wear the symbol of the Yorkist dynasty from your ears.

Wear the symbol of the Lancastrian dynasty from your ears.

A long, elegant tapered pearl for the tall, graceful queen and a ruff-like representation of a purple thistle, topped by a small green glass bead for the rural wilds of her homeland.

Such a pretty combination of green, grey and silver, for the sorrowful heart. "Alas, my love, you do me wrong..."

Red and white for purity and passion, and a real pheasant feather, for when Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII rode out together with their beloved falcons. Game birds and birds of prey provided an important Tudor pastime and furnished their table. Anne's own device was the crowned falcon.

An intricate open-work silver heart, topped with a pearl and faceted black glass bead for the three-time Tudor widow who finally married for love.

Pearl, red and gold for the Valois royal family of France. Henry met Francis I in 1520 in a stunning display of wealth and colour.

A delicate, tear-drop pearl touched with pastel colours, reminiscent of the scented knot gardens of Tudor country estates.

Inspired by portraits of Elizabeth I, a red ribbon bow, opaque rainbow bead and the classic drop pearl, combining Tudor elegance with playfulness and symbolism.

As I wrote about in "In Bed With the Tudors," sixteenth century women put their faith in charms and rituals when it came to attracting husbands and conceiving children. This earring is a tribute to that: a green bead for bitter herbs, a blue drop for dew collected in the moonlight, symbolised by a pearl, and a silver pine cone, which was placed under the pillow.

Cool greens and pearly shade, where Elizabeth was seated under an oak tree in November 1558, when she learned she had become queen.

Catherine of Aragon.

Anne of Cleves.

Catherine Parr.

Usually retails at £29. Buy the bundle for £25.

Anne Boleyn.

Elizabeth of York.

Lady Jane Grey.

Usually retails for £29. Buy the bundle for £25.

Elizabeth- the Queen and the Hive.

Princess Mary.

Catherine Howard.

Usually retails for £29. Buy the bundle for £25.

Elizabeth- the Queen and the Hive.

The Sweet Robin.

The Ultimate Pearl.

Usually retails for £26. Buy the bundle for £23.

Six pairs of earrings representing all the wives of Henry VIII, designed to represent the character or story of each. Choose which wife you will wear for every occasion: the bright, devoted Catherine of Aragon; passionate and individual Anne Boleyn; demure and reserved Jane; the quietly happy Anne of Cleves; dazzling rose without a thorn Catherine Howard or the refined survivor Catherine Parr, who eventually married for love.

A stunning, unforgettable gift for someone who loves the Tudors.

Usual retail value £58; buy the collection for £49.99

Some slight variation might occur between bead colour and size, depending upon supply.